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How to Zig When Life Zags

Has Your Life Taken Unexpected Twists and Turns? Are You Feeling Confused, Concerned and Unsure of What to do?

Welcome to the Upside, where you’ll find there are always answers to difficult questions, and a way to navigate through life’s zigs and zags confidently and comfortably. 

Although you may feel the future is uncertain, there is undiscovered opportunity waiting for you.  Join us in finding the upside in life’s downturns while developing long-lasting, sustainable success and happiness.

  • Discover the truth about change: how the not-known unleashes your authentic life path
  • Rewrite “the rules” by reworking your American Dream and redefining success and happiness
  • Build your bank account by utilizing simplicity and reassessing your financial thermostat
  • Develop success-seeking sonar with your Power Core
  • Create your own crystal ball of what the future holds
  • Integrate personal, professional, spiritual and financial plans for holistic, sustainable success

Allison Blankenship & Bonnie MichaelsAbout the Authors:

Allison Blankenship (left) is a thought leader on persuasive communications, leadership and productivity. After establishing herself as a corporate entrepreneur, developing new policies, procedures and business startups, she now offers cutting-edge ideas to
accelerate results for individuals and companies through keynote presentations, training sessions, media appearances and Web-based consulting.

Bonnie Michaels (right) is a creative problem solver for work and personal life issues. She has provided solutions for individuals and businesses around the globe through her consulting, workshops, speeches, media appearances and writing. She co-authored Solving the Work/Family Puzzle and A Journey of Work-Life Renewal: e-Power to Recharge & Rekindle Passion in Your Life.

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