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The Happy AppThe Happy App: A Process for Boomer Bliss (new!)

“Will I ever be happy again?”

The question came after a presentation from our book on managing unexpected life changes, Upside – How to Zig when Life Zags.  It took us by surprise but the more we shared the question with audiences, the more it resonated with Baby Boomers.

Boomers face unique challenges from other generations.  At the younger end of 50+, many are “sandwiched” between supporting young adult children and caring for aging elder parents. For those Boomers reaching 65, many face a significant change in lifestyle through retirement, income adjustments or loss of a spouse.  Not to mention the physical and emotional changes of aging for us “never-grow-old” Boomers.  “Will I ever be happy again?” is a prominent question, and one that The Happy App answers with a resounding YES!

Yes, you can be happy despite unclear circumstances and difficult decisions.  Being happy is a strategic process – that’s right – a process.  Waiting to wake up happy is unrealistic and leaves people dissatisfied, discouraged and depressed.  Authors Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels walk readers through the step-by-step process to creating a fulfilling and happy life.

In The Happy App, you’ll address how to:

  • Discover tangible options among ever-changing dynamics
  • Reboot your life with clarity and confidence
  • Rewrite your future for long-lasting happiness

Blankenship and Michaels speak from real life experience as both women have dealt with loss of loved ones, supporting young adult children (and grandchildren!), and significant financial changes.  But don’t take their word for it – read what industry leaders and professional colleagues are saying…

Learn more about the authors, Bonnie Michaels and Allison Adams Blankenship.

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Upside The BookUpside the Book: How to Zig, When Life Zags

Upside is a book about the many aspects of creating a sustainable life, but it is primarily about finding your way out of fear to happiness by making smart choices about your career, money and lifestyle.  During this time of great change, we either move with the flow or get left behind.  Upside is designed to inspire and challenge you through exercises, discussions and assessments that focus on finding ways to be successful and happy in an ever-changing world. 

We invite you to preview the book with the Table of Contents and Introductory chapter that outlines the goals of each section.  Be sure to sign up for the Upsider newsletter for free tips, strategies and case studies on creating your most fulfilling life yet!

The following sample content is available:

Table of Contents
Intro Chapter

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