UPSIDE The Book - 29 Tips for Sustainable Success!
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Testimonials & Reviews

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Upside The Book - Testimonials/Reviews:

If your life ever takes an unexpected turn you need to read this book. It is filled with great advice.

Bruce Tulgan
Author of the classic Managing Generation X and the best selling, It's OKAY to Be the Boss

UPSIDE is a valuable resource that opens up your heart and mind to finding confidence and courage in a world of uncertainty. Like having your own personal life coach on every page, each of the 29 tips to "sustainable success" is a roadmap of wisdom and insights. Especially helpful are the questions and action steps at the conclusion of each chapter. The thirtieth tip for thriving within the new norm is to buy this book now and dig in.

Joy Loverde,
Author of The Complete Eldercare Planner
(2009, Random House)

"This book is unique. The authors challenge us to be leaders of change - and they show us how to do it. It is inspiring, information packed and wonderfully written.

Judi Moreo, Author
You Are More Than Enough

For Ms. Michaels and Ms. Blankenship, change begins with an attitudinal transformation that eventually triggers new perceptions and actions. The topics they cover in this lively manual include developing cash consciousness, fostering spiritual growth, simplifying one’s life at every level and learning how to form productive networks and partnerships...

From the Florida Weekly Book Review
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The authors' extensive research, coupled with their bountiful personal and professional experiences, provide this book with an enormous wealth of information. The 'magic' of UPSIDE is that the book's style and simplistic presentation of its rich material makes reading the book not only productive for the reader but fun to read as well!" It is one of those rare how-to books that seamlessly crosses audience lines. It's rich advice, brilliant and workable tips and exercises will work for all types of reader: young professionals just starting out; middle managers 'caught' in non-satisfying yet well paying careers; senior professionals struggling with upcoming retirement decisions; and retires, wondering how to live with their 'transition'. It is a must read for all professionals living in today's Zig Zagging world.

Sue Bookbinder,
Retired HR Executive, NYC

In the midst of any major life challenge—unemployment, divorce, relocation, death of a loved one, financial hardship—we each feel alone. And too often, we fail to take the lessons learned from coping with that situation and apply them to the next challenge we face. This book is particularly timely given the difficulties many people face as a result of the recession but the techniques and advice it offers can be used over and over to successfully come through tough times.

Rebecca Rolfes,
Author and Executive Vice President
Imagination Publishing

Transitions are difficult; the past is gone, the new has not yet begun.   Upside joins the reader at a time of endings, a time of loss, confusion and distress. This clearly written "how to" book provides the reader with understanding of the process of change and the strategies to move the reader through the phases of transition to discover strengths and creativity, and ultimately, new beginnings for a new age. The reader learns how to strategize, experiment, initiate and follow through to find new sustainable, fulfilling direction in life.  The “re-directioning” process of UPSIDE is both self and life-affirming.

Jeanne Berger,
Clinical social worker and transition coach in private psychotherapy practice

This book is an invaluable tool in guiding your personal growth at a critical juncture in your life.

Dinah Rosenthal,

The title Upside does not mean this is simply a "feel good" book.  It requires lots of thinking on the part of you, the reader; but you'll be surprised where this leads you.

Dotty Scott,
Retired HR administrator

Your book “Upside: 29 tips for Sustainable Success” is a must read for anyone going through life transitions and difficult times, which is any and all of us as human beings.  Women helping women is critical for our lives and the support women provide helps our persistence and our spirit. Your wonderful book provides an important road to reality and realistic life success.

Hedy Ratner,
Women's Business Development Center 
(Chicago, IL)

Wow! Upside is TERRIFIC! I don't know where to start raving about it — I've only read the first few pages, but I'm hooked already. I am SO looking forward to savoring the rest of Upside!

Jim Barber,

The Happy App - Testimonials/Reviews:

What I realized after reading The Happy App: A Process for Boomer Bliss is that it is never too late to be happy. Each page helps readers lift the fog of despair and infuses energy into a process that helps create a clear and bright present and future. Slowly but surely as you dig deeper into the book you can’t help but feel uplifted and positive about a life worth living. You deserve to be happy and this book helps get you there.

Joy Loverde
Consultant and author of the ElderCare Handbook,

Once again Allison and Bonnie have nailed it. This stage in our lives can be overwhelming, and until now there was no playbook providing direction. This ebook is practical in every way. It provides much needed – and thought provoking; activities, strategy summaries, and additional resources. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know who is entering this stage of life.

Libby Anderson, M.S. SPHR
CEO, Talentforce Solutions

This book literally gives those of us approaching Senior Citizenism a way to cope with difficult transitions and live the last half of our lives to the fullest. It is full of great information---resources, questionnaires, and strategic process activities. It really is a way to reboot your happiness. Keep it handy because you'll want to refer back to it time and time again!”

Judi Moreo
Author, You Are More Than Enough

Allison and Bonnie are on target with their content and timing. The Happy App: A Process for Boomer Bliss is a self-help book for boomers who can find their own answers via the Strategic Planning and Process Activities and the Strategies Summaries (helpful to-do lists). Plan to spend hours with this book as you would with a lifestyle and retirement coach.

Lillian Bjorseth
Author, Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships that Last

If you're a baby-boomer, like I am, you MUST read The Happy App.  Why?  Because it will help you to sleep better at night by forcing you to think about your future realistically and proactively.  As a group that has hit or will be approaching   age soon, we're facing a very different future than the generations before us.  That's an unsettling proposition and we need to be concerned.  The Happy App shows us how to assess our current situation, decide what we want our future to be (either with or without retirement), and to construct multiple plans to match the "not-knowns" down the road.  The book also does a great job at forcing us to look at the material things from which we think we derive pleasure, and putting them into the context of whether they are really important long term.

While books that force us to confront our present and future might make us uncomfortable, this book does it kindly by opening our eyes to a myriad of possibilities that are strikingly easy to achieve...and that's what will allow you to sleep better at night--knowing your options in advance, whatever the circumstances. While you can't eliminate the uncertainties of the future, you can examine your present and re-boot your thinking to know that you will survive and smile, regardless of whatever these uncertain times throw at you.

Mace Horoff
Medical Sales Performance Expert,
Author of Mastering Medical Sales

Login to a wonderful read!  Its title is The Happy App:  A Process for Boomer Bliss.  Many of you may recognize another title, What Color Is Your Parachute, by Richard N. Bolles.  For years Bolles’ book has been dubbed “the world’s most popular job-search book.”  The authors, Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels, of The Happy App have created potentially “the world’s most popular life change book.”  In my opinion, downloading your frustrations with life into this book will not only bring bliss to Baby Boomers but to anyone who will dedicate themselves to work at the gigabytes of magic contained within its pages.  Who needs a parachute when you can reboot your life with The Happy App!

Gary Greenfield,
Author of Life’s Ride or Fall…You Make The Call:  Thoughts, Stories, Lessons Learned and Actionable Ideas to Help Create the Ride of Your life!

Co-authors Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels have a new e-book that will be helpful to many baby boomers. The Happy App:  A Process for Boomer Bliss offers a straight-forward (but not simplistic) approach to contemplation leading to reinvention, or as the authors put it, to “re-booting” life. Since I work mostly with aging parents and their adult children I see overwhelmed, stressed, and often unhappy people every day… Unlike many available resources, The Happy App provides powerful questions and tools to unpack the answers. Even more importantly, readers are provided with very specific tools and techniques for implementing the strategy.

Sheri Samotin,
President, LifeBridge Solutions, LLC
Author of Facing the Finish: A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children


Introducing The Happy App


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